Reina RavelesMinistry of Trade Industry and Tourism, Suriname

Reina Raveles is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Trade Industry and Tourism in Suriname since 2015. She is an industrial engineer with a Masters degree from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. She also has a degree in Latin American and Caribbean studies from the University of Suriname’s Institute of International Relations in joint cooperation with the University of Amsterdam CEDLA Institute.

Throughout her education and career 4 key themes can be found: innovation, entrepreneurship development, public private partnership and community dialogue. From 2000 to 2010 she worked as a business development consultant in different fields such as the food and beverage industry, ICT and education, the metal working industry, forestry and real estate. Since 2010 she made a career in the government as an advisor to the Speaker of the House of Parliament, the Cabinet of the Vice President and the Cabinet of the President.

Programs she has been involved in include Change Management and implementation of ICT services in Parliament (UNDP), Implementing an Innovation and technology Policy through Fabrication Labs, Suriname Business Climate and Innovation Program (IDB), Suriname Export Readiness Program (CDB), decentralization process of MTIT through set up of satellite offices in districts. Both the Intellectual Property Office and the department of Tourism were added to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism in the past 3 years and new strategies have been formulated as a result of this process. Reina Raveles is on the board of the Suriname Business Forum, the Central Bank of Suriname and the most recently established investment promotion agency INVESTSUR.

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