Nat CleggThe Development Alchemists

Nat Clegg is co-owner of The Development Alchemists, a Training, Facilitation and Coaching Company, a company he cofounded with Lenni George. Together they have worked with 11 UN Agencies, Governments and Ministries and in the private sector in over 60 countries. As a specialist in Learning and Capacity Development, Lenni has successfully delivered a wide range of training, facilitation and capacity development projects and strategic organisational development. Lenni works on visioning, innovation, sustainability and soft skills development for managers and their teams as well as on the development of company-wide and regional strategic plans.. He holds a Master’s in Coaching Psychology and a certificate of practice in Hypno-Psychotherapy. Nat is also an experienced trainer and has an extensive background in the psychosocial context, working with clients and workshops, working directly in fragile settings and training teams expected to deal directly with conflict supporting them in developing organisational and personal resilience.

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