About the 2019 DBJ Conference

The Development Bank of Jamaica, through the Jamaica Venture Capital Programme (JVCP) has had a strong record of hosting world-class conferences and has been doing so since 2013 when it hosted Jamaica’s first Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference with world-renowned venture capitalist, Paul Ahlstrom of Alta Ventures in the USA.  Since then the Bank has held four other successful international conferences…in 2014, when the keynote presentation was made by Harvard Professor, Dr. Josh Lerner, a renowned private equity expert, and again in 2016 and 2017.

For the 2017 conference, the JVCP collaborated with DBJ’s Public-Private Partnerships & Privatisation Division, to execute Jamaica’s first Private Equity and Infrastructure Development Conference.  The 2019 Conference again recreates this successful collaboration, and is geared at highlighting the readiness and attractiveness of local investment opportunities.

The conference will bring together local, regional and international experts to discuss, deliberate on and examine key issues that will impact the continued growth of Jamaica through infrastructure development, the expansion of our emerging private equity and venture capital markets and the continued growth of the SME sector, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The delivery method is a blend of keynote presentations and fireside conversations, plenaries and roundtable discussions, workshops and market soundings, social and cultural activities and numerous networking opportunities. Appointments and business meetings are part of the mix and can be set up and arranged prior to conference.

Our conference offers exciting opportunities for everyone from the large-scale project developer and investors to the small-medium sized business enterprises to entrepreneurs and startups.